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I'm Not Like Them.  

Online therapy for the underdogs, freaks, and outcasts.

We live in a white supremacist, patriarchal, gender binary, capitalist society. In order to live a life that is viewed as productive, successful and happy, we often have to change who we are and fit ourselves into the small boxes that society deems as “normal”. This can lead to confidence issues, anxiety, depression, body struggles, gender identity issues, general identity issues and at worst trauma.


Not Like Them is online mental health therapy for the punks, goths, body modifiers, radical activists and dissenters, anarchists, sex workers, artists, nerds, TGNC+, intersex, asexual, BIPOC, people with both visible and invisible disabilities, non-monogamists, LGB+, those who don't want children, atheists, anti-theists or people of faiths that are not supported in our society,  those who refuse labels and really anyone else who is tired of being forced into boxes.

*and of course many of these identities are intersecting. 

Not Like Them is for those people who are done trying to fit in and instead want to embrace their authentic self and live their life for them and them alone.

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