Elegant Abstract Background


Well hi! I am Mal Johnson (pronoun: Mal), a radical licensed clinical social worker. For those of you who want to know who you are working with, here is a little bit about me. 

I am punk-rock-goth who identifies as a genderless trans person with invisible disabilities. I am loud, funny, and empathetic. I have worked hard in life to be my authentic self and find when I am able to be truly me, I am at my happiest.

I have been a social worker for over 10 years and have been providing psychotherapy for 9 years. While I have years of working with adults and families, my focus has always been with adolescents and young adults. Over the years I have specialized in adolescent sexual health, foster care, domestic violence, human trafficking, sex work and trauma. Over my 10 years, I realized that so often the root cause of people's mental health struggles all came down to expectations from their families, cultures, and our society. I am very passionate about helping people become proud of who they are rather than living a life constantly trying to fit in the boxes of others.


I truly feel honored that I get to partner with people to help them find their strengths in creating a more authentic life. I do not take it lightly when people trust me enough to open up and share about their life with me. Because of this, I work very hard to challenge the internalized ‘isms that I have learned being raised in our society. I truly believe that in order to be a decent human and an ethical therapist that it is my job to look inwards to see how I have been complacent throughout my life in racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, genderism, ableism, ageism, fatphobia etc., while at the same time working hard to unlearn these harmful behaviors.


I feel it is also important to say that as much as I believe in ACAB, I also believe the same for social workers and the mental health field. I acknowledge how harmful this field has been to families of color, low income and others by tearing families apart, admitting people into psych wards against their will and more. We have a lot of work to do and I am happy to hopefully be part of the radicalizing of this field.

I am sex and death positive. I believe in health at every size, I am anti-diet but instead support intuitive eating. I am also pro-Palestinian.


In other parts of my life I am an activist, artist, bicycle lover, major cat lover and all around goof ball.


Image Description: A picture of Mal, a white person with bright yellow hair, smiling looking downward. Mal is wearing a black button up shirt and two necklaces. Mal has a bridge piercing on the nose and a lip piercing. 

License Information

New York: 085607

Michigan: 6801107511 


BSW: University of Portland

MSW: New York University

Structural Family Therapy: 

Minuchin Center for Families, NY, NY 

CBT Certification: New York University

Supervision Instruction: Columbia University