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For families and children of any ages (even adult children!)

If you are a family who has had a child come out with a different gender identity or sexual orientation than you are comfortable with but still want to learn how to support, love and accept them, I am here for you.

So many families want to love and support their child but due to religious, cultural, or even personal experiences feel like they must reject their child in order to protect their child. This can lead to your child developing anxiety, depression, PTSD, and/or self-harm. It might lead to them experiencing homelessness, drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy or at worst suicide. Studies have shown that if an LGBTQIA+ child has at least one supportive adult in their life, their chances for all of the above greatly reduce. Showing not only love to your child but also acceptance of your child is the ultimate form of protection. I can work with you and your child to help bring you closer together and to create an unbreakable bond. 

I am proud to have been trained through the LIFT program created by NYC’s Unity Project and the NYC LGBTQ Center to provide therapy to families who want to accept their LGBTQIA+ child but are struggling to do so.