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Elegant Abstract Background


There are many different types of family therapy out there. I have been trained in Structural Family therapy by the Minuchin Center For The Family and by the Unity Project of NYC in LGBTQI+ Family Therapy.


For families with older children and teens.

This therapy focuses on what the structure of a family looks like and their interactions. It focuses on the boundaries, hierarchy and subsystems of the family.


It works improve communication, interactions between members and strengthens individual relationships as well as the entire family. Although there is some talk therapy as a component to this therapy, this is an active therapy where we focus on what is going on in the therapy space between family members in the moment.


I have had great success using the modality and highly enjoy it.


For families and children of any ages,

including adult children.

Often times when parents have a child share they are within the LGBTQI+ community, there can be a lot of confusion and even rejection. Rejection comes in different forms and for different reason. One form of rejection is via protection. Many parents think they are protecting their child by rejecting them in the hopes their child will choose a different path.

Outright rejection or struggle to accept a child’s identity can lead to that child developing severe mental distress. It might lead to them experiencing homelessness, drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy or at worst self-harm and suicide. Studies have shown that if an LGBTQI+ child has at least one supportive adult in their life, their chances for all of the above greatly reduce. Showing not only love to a child but also acceptance of a child is the ultimate form of protection. I can work with you and your child to help bring you closer together and to create an unbreakable bond.

I also welcome families and parents who fully support their LBGTQI+ child and would just like some additional support.

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