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Is online therapy right for me?

What will our sessions look like?

Why does therapy cost so much?

Online therapy can be a great thing. With internet access being almost everywhere,  accessibility to competent therapy is better than ever! It can be a great option for so many people who can't attend in-person therapy for whatever reason.


However, online therapy is not for everyone. When doing in-person therapy, an in-person therapist is able to hold physical space with you, to some this is really important for connection. It can also be helpful for people going through trauma or crisis to be able to go to an office where they can leave their emotions and sessions tied up in a nice little bow until they come back the following week. Online therapy is done in your own space, not always giving you the separation or confidentiality that you might want or need.


​Because of this, I am not able to provide online services to those who are looking to do deep trauma work or are in active crisis, including active suicide thoughts. If you are in a rural or small town community where resources are very limited we can visit this in our consultation.


​Any other issues or concerns that might come up in online therapy (bad internet connections, etc.) we can try to work out together.

In our work together you often lead our sessions, bringing in topics or concerns to talk about each week. I am here to support you, laugh with you, share observations with you and help you find the tools again that you already have success within other areas of your life. After we develop a trusting relationship there might be times when I challenge thoughts or beliefs you are sharing.


Aside from bringing in what you want to discuss, you can show up how you need. I will meet you wherever you are. You are more than welcome to bring fidgets, playdough, color while we talk or anything else to make you feel more comfortable it is welcome. There is also a chat feature so sometimes if you are feeling non-verbal, we can use that. Some people want to do therapy with their screens off and if this is you we can discuss it, thought since the majority of communication is non-verbal I prefer our screens to be on, even if we are using the chat function. There is also no expectation for eye contact.


In our work we will also create goals for you. While working on these goal, I will pull from some traditional evidence based therapies but also will bring in YouTube videos, music, art, etc. There is no one type fits all in my world. There will most likely be "homework" for you to work on between our sessions. No one can grow  in just a 45 minute session each week.


​You deserve to live a happier life, to feel self-love and self-worth and I am always honored to partner with you on your journey.

Sometimes therapy fees can feel really expensive, I have felt this way myself. First and foremost, you ARE worthy of putting money into yourself. You are important and you deserve it.


Second to help shine more light, there are a lot of costs a therapist has to take into account when setting a fee for their work.


Please keep in mind that my fees do not just cover the time you are in session with me. In between sessions I write notes, plan for our sessions, I might be researching resources for you or even referring you or communicating (with your permission!) to other health providers in your life. Your session fee doesn’t just cover the 50 minutes session, sometimes it can cover hours of behind the scenes work.


There are also other behind the scene expenses anywhere from daily business expenses, taxes, having great high speed internet for our sessions, to continuing educational trainings so that I stay up to date and continue to grow my skills as a therapist. Therapists also hold pain, hurt and trauma for a living which can lead to burn out. Being able to finance appropriate self-care and time off when needed is imperative to an ethical practice. My fee also calculates in when you need to take time off for your own needs. Everyone deserves time off and I have to create my own PTO.


And then after all of this I still need to pay myself and cover all of my living costs. :)


Feel free to bring up any concerns around my fee during an initial consultation.

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