Elegant Abstract Background
Elegant Abstract Background



All individual and family therapy sessions last 50 minutes.


Individual Sessions: $165 per session

Family sessions: $225 per session


*please note that I am unable to work with people in the Detroit Metro area at this time. 


Individual Sessions: $200 per session

Family sessions: $275 per session

*New York has higher session fees because they have a higher minimum wage. 

I offer a 15% reparation discount to Black and Indigenous individuals and families.


Community support session fees are $250-$300 for individual sessions. If you are able to pay an above rate, I will be able to offer free-to-very low cost sessions to clients who are unable to even afford therapy with the help of a financial scholarship.


I offer a few financial scholarships to those who cannot afford my rate. If you are interested in discussing a scholarship please let me know during our consultation.


I, like many other therapists, do not take insurance. But why don’t we? I want to be transparent about this.


Here is how insurance companies can negatively impact the client:

·      They can have access to all of your notes. Even the people answering the phones.

·      They get to decide your treatment. Meaning they can say that they will only cover “x” amount of sessions, even if you and I feel like that is not enough.

·      They can also decide later that they feel you no longer need treatment and stop covering your sessions at anytime.


Here is how insurance companies can negatively impact the therapist:

·      Insurance companies bottom line is to save money, meaning they want to pay out as little as possible. This often means therapists go months without being paid at all even while seeing a client weekly.

·      Not only do therapists have to spend hours filling out paperwork to get paid, they often have to spend hours on the phone fighting to get paid.

·      Also, if a therapist does get paid, an insurance company can come back, retroactively, and say we don’t think this client needed this treatment and require the therapist to pay back all of the money they received from the insurance company.

Unfortunately, because I cannot afford to hire a biller to do all of this work for me and due to my own cognitive disabilities, I am unable to have the bandwidth to take on these insurance companies. ​

*I understand that for some people that absolutely have to use insurance. If you are struggling to find someone feel free to still email me and I will see if I can help you find a therapist that works for you and takes your insurance.