Elegant Abstract Background
Elegant Abstract Background

Fees and Insurance


All individual and family therapy sessions last 45 minutes.


Individual Sessions: $95 per session

Family sessions: $150 per session


*please note that I am unable to work with people in the Detroit Metro area at this time. 


Individual Sessions: $115 per session

Family sessions: $175 per session

*New York has higher session fees because they have a higher minimum wage. 

I offer a 20% reparation discount to Black and Indigenous persons.


For those who are unable to pay the full fee amount, I am able to offer a sliding scale. I do ask that if you can pay the above amount that you do because it actually helps me be able to offer a sliding scale and it leaves my sliding scale slots for people who really need it. 

Above Rate Fee: $150-$200 for individual sessions. If you are able to pay an above rate, I will be able to offer free-to-very low cost sessions to clients who are unable to afford my sliding scale.


Unfortunately at this time I am unable to accept any insurance plans. I am hoping this will change in the future. If you have out of network coverage you can request a super bill from me to help you get reimburshed by your insraunce comapny. 

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