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Persons of any age.

Finding a therapist who is familiar and affirming with the "traditional" trans male and trans female identities can be hard. Finding a therapist who is familiar and affirming with non-binary, non-gender identities and intersex individuals can sometimes feel impossible. It is my goal in our work together to not only affirm you, but to celebrate you.


In gender affirming therapy we might explore what gender means to you, how that might differ from the environment you grew up in. We might explore how your gender identity and/or sex characteristics impacts your relationships, medical care, employment and more. Gender affirming therapy can also be discussing gender affirming medical care; figuring out what you might want or need or getting you set on the path that you already know you want. There is so much to gender affirming therapy.


In my partnerships with TGNC + and intersex folks, I am also always extra careful to understand other intersections that you might experience. Aside from my own experiences, I work to learn and stay aware of the oppression that transgender, two spirit, third gender, gender-non-conforming,  gender fluid, genderqueer, agender, and intersex people face within the general public and even LGBTQIA+ community, especially if that person is BIPOC, disabled, older, and/or undocumented. It is my goal in my work with individuals to uplift and hold space for all of your identities and understand that YOU and only you are the expert in your life.


Affirming services also include letter writing for HRT and gender affirming surgeries. In working with me you do not have to prove you gender identity and you are not required to be in therapy with me for any set amount of time. There are no extra fees for these letters.

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