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Areas of focus might be:

  • Learning more about yourself and how you want to see yourself in this world.

  • Self-Esteem, Codependency, Boundaries, Creating Supportive Relationships  

  • Becoming proud or figuring out your "alternative" lifestyle such as BDSM/kink, polyamory/CNM/Relationship Anarchy

      and any other subculture such as body modifiers, radical activists, etc.

Adolescent and Teen Therapy

15 years and up

Teen years are some of the hardest years of life. It is supposed to be a time of exploring and learning about yourself. Yet in our world there are often so many expectations on teens by friends, family, teachers and others.


If you, as a teen, are open to therapy it can be a really helpful thing. Therapy can be as simple as just having an objective person to talk your worries and problems out with each week. It can be a place to problem solve, to make the best decision for you rather than the best decision for others in your life. It can be a place where you learn how to advocate for yourself to your family, teachers, friends, and anyone else that you might get nervous sharing your thoughts with. It can also be a place to really learn about who you are without the opinions of others.

Teens have great ideas and great insight into their lives and you need to be given more credit for this.

Note to parents: please keep in mind that working with your teen will most likely require some family sessions, as the challenges that teens experience are often impacted and influenced by the family. 

Young Adults and Adults

20 years and up

Moving through the stages of the 20's and early 30's might not be as challenging as our adolescent years but they can still prove to be difficult. During our 20's we are learning to live life on our own terms, which can very be frightening and can be very confusing. In our 20's and early 30's is also when we really start to feel the pressures of our family's, cultural and societal expectations (having a good job, getting married, having kids, etc).


These expectations are hard enough but can be even harder when you choose a path that either delays them or these expectations are things that do not align with your identity and desires in life.


For those of us past the stages of our 20’s and early 30’s, sometimes life can feel a little easier and sometimes it feels just as hard. Although society says there is a time line and that if someone hits a “mid-life crisis” it is a bad thing, there is no timeline that anyone is required to follow and often as we get older, we might become more secure in who we are but we also might realize that the life we are living no longer suits us which can put us back into a place of confusion for our “life path”.


In our work together, we can find your voice, values, and goals in life; working to help you gain the strength and confidence to be who you want to be, not who others want you to be, leading you down a path of not just surviving life, but mentally thriving.

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