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Elegant Abstract Background



Supervision as a growing social worker or someone already well established in their career is very important. In supervision with me, it is my goal to create a space that is trusting, caring and fun. In our work together we will not only go over cases, therapeutic modalities and other clinical skills but we will also focus on what you as an individual bring into your work. Clinical social workers aren't immune from their own traumas, beliefs and privileges coming into the clinical room with others. We are never done growing as social workers and I often learn so much from the people I  supervise as well.

For social workers seeking hours for licensure, I am only able to supervise for those seeking their LMSW in Michigan.

Mal didn't provide me with the typical supervision that I was accustomed to receiving; Mal made sincere efforts to challenge me, validate my experience as an intern, and especially encouraged me to see how systemic oppression impacts our clients. One of my favorite qualities that Mal has as a supervisor is the ability to be curious and always ask questions. I don't think I truly was ever as challenged in my thought process as a therapist until I became Mal's supervise. Mal always ensured that I had support no matter what the circumstances were. Mal always made me feel like we were a team, and I appreciated Mal's ability to be vulnerable. Mal had always been an advocate for ensuring I received the best learning experience and I can imagine that Mal has continued to do this over the years. I am truly grateful that our paths have crossed. -C.A. LCSW / Social Work Intern 2016-2017

As an unofficial supervise, I always looked forward to my case discussion with Mal. Mal is someone of great listening skill and takes the time to understand one’s struggles/hardships. When we worked together, Mal has proven to go above and beyond for our students and young people. Fighting against societal and gender norms, Mal encourages self-expression and provides immense support during such a confusing time for many of us-- shining a light on those who feel different.   -J.D., LMSW  / School Social Work Intern 2018-19


I have worked with the NYC public hospital system, public schools and mental health non-profit agencies in training them on how to be more than just LGBTQIA+ friendly but affirming to both clients/students and staff.  In these trainings I also speak to the intersectionality and the harm that is often done to BIPOC people who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community. These trainings also put an emphasis on TGNC+ experiences as well.

Professional letter writing for gender affirming surgeries:

            Aside from WPATH there is not much guidance out there on how to write letters for transgender identified clients for gender affirming surgeries. Often these letters leave clients feeling like they have to prove their identity. These letters can be difficult to write when trying to balance the information required in the letters while also respecting your client’s privacy. In this training I help people navigate writing the letters, the proper language to use (especially for non-binary clients) and being respectful of your client at the same time.

Panels and Classroom discussions:

I am available to speak on panels and to college classrooms.

I have attended Mal's trainings and collaborated with Mal in facilitating youth groups. Mal has always been an amazing resource for information regarding gender identity and working with teenagers in a high school setting. I have learned a great deal from both experiences. ~C.L. NYC DOE Special Ed Integrated Teacher

I asked Mal to come present to our team more than once to support us in continuing to provide the most affirming therapeutic experience for our LGBTQ+ clients.  Mal provided a supportive environment that allowed my team to be vulnerable as they reflected on their own identities and learned the most up to date laws, language, and supportive interventions for children and adolescents who identify as LGBTQ+.  We came away from our trainings with a wealth of resources and interventions.  Mal is an excellent presenter and an incredible resource!  -K.L.M, LCSW -Director of a School Based Mental Health Clinic Program

Mal presented the unique issues gender presents to the classroom with clarity and compassion that communicated the gravity of the effects it can have on our students. I am much better equipped to handle students struggling with gender identity than I ever could have been without those trainings. -J.F. NYC DOE History Teacher


When I started my social worker career over 10 years ago, I never thought I would leave direct service work. But after severe burn out for many years, I was required to for my own self preservation.

In the social service world, we put so much on the individual to do self care while completely ignoring the exploitative practices that are carried out by the agency. We often point to big corporations for examples of these behaviors but it seems to be so rare that agencies look at their own treatment of their workers and actually move to change these exploitative behaviors. 


It has become a passion of mine to work with agencies to help them look at what is in their power to change and how to not only make their agency a better place to work but to help their employees thrive. I can work with you and your agency to do an overall assessment, create a plan and help you implement these changes to make your work place a healthy, fun and respectful place for everyone.

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